The Royal Rangers ministry has been the premier, most sought after church ministry for the next generation of men in America for over 50 years!  We reach every boy and young man by creative methods;  every Ranger is eager to serve a God-given cause greater than self.  We ensure that personal and spiritual growth is fun, hands-on, and experimental; friendships charge our ministry atmosphere.  Our ultimate goal is the mentor tomorrow's man, today and ensure they are ready to be the man God design them to be.


     Will you like to join us on our mission to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-like men and lifelong servant leaders?  If so, we sincerely ask you to keep us in your prayer as we continue this journey in mentoring future men.  Secondly, we ask you to partner with us with a financial contribution that you feel led to give.   Such contribution will enable us to reach the next level in our work and catapult our reach  to influence more boys than ever, more effectively than ever!  May God continue to bless you, Thank you!


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